Monday, September 27, 2010

Dragon Chica's First Review

DRAGON CHICA by May-lee Chai just received its first review!

Publishers Weekly says:
In Chai's coming-of-age novel, 11-year-old Nea, who survived the Khmer Rouge with her scrappy mother, beautiful older sister, and younger siblings, leaves Texas for Nebraska to work in the Chinese restaurant owned by her auntie and uncle. But the miracle she'd hoped for is crushed upon arrival: auntie and uncle, once wealthy, are now struggling, and the locals are more bigoted than they were in Texas. It's the 1980s and the Japanese takeover of the U.S. auto industry looms large; though Nea is Chinese and Cambodian, she's still Asian, and treated as "other." Her dour life is occasionally broken by evocatively disquieting, often painful, dreams, memories, and myths. Chai previously mined her own experience for the memoir, Hapa Girl, and the racism she has described enduring informs Nea and her family's experiences. But they are survivors, and as Nea matures she increasingly uses her wits for her own advancement, forging a path to college.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Below Zero Comes Out On Top

We're pleased to tell you that BELOW ZERO by C.J. Box won the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Regional Book Award for Fiction! The award will be presented at the Regional Awards Breakfast in Denver on Friday the 24th. Congratulations, Chuck!

Monday, September 20, 2010

An Idiot Is Born

Doug Harris threw a heck of a launch party last week for his novel YOU COMMA IDIOT, even attracting the attention of CTV! Click here to see their coverage of the party and interview with Doug.

The good reviews are already starting to come in! "Some critics have complained that Canadian novels don't reflect the realities of contemporary urban life. For anyone who shares that view, Montrealer Doug Harris's debut will be a welcome antidote," exclaims the Winnipeg Free Press.

Pencil-Pushers and Ink-Splotches says:
I could sit here and feed you some hype about this novel telling you it's the next big thing. I could do that. And you know what, I'd be right, as you would be to believe what I tell you. It's rare that a novel comes along that has me wanting to share it with people before I've even finished reading it. (I actually carried it around the grocery with me yesterday and showed it to a few people.)
Buried in Print predicts:
You’ll forgive a story that completely upsets your reader’s expectations because you admire a writer who introduces you to a narrator who makes you want good things for them, even when half the time you’ve spent in their company you’ve wanted to slap them upside the head. (Or more than half the time, nearly all the time, you’ve wanted to do that.) And you end up loving You comma Idiot despite yourself. You think that’s fantastic.
Salty Ink chimes in:
You Comma Idiot, a novel in second-person, puts the fun back in books and is sure to be one of the fall’s most entertaining reads. You’ll bust your guts laughing and you might even crack a rib. More importantly, all humour aside, Harris is great writer. There is a praise-worthy attention to detail here, and that’s what makes it the pageturning accomplishment it is.
Even the book trailer itself is attracting attention!

A reviewer on Area203, a marketing agency blog, talks about how much she dislikes book trailers, proclaiming them to be "one more nail in the coffin of the printed word, despite the product they’re promoting." However, she confesses that the trailer for YOU COMMA IDIOT is the only one she's ever seen that convinced her to buy the book. Looks like Doug's experience producing TV commercials and convincing people to buy things is paying off! (We hope it convinces you to check out the book, too!)

This chose it as their trailer of the week, commenting that "it sounds like a darkly hilarious Nick Hornby-esque romp about a slacker without a life plan, also known as: Men I’ve Dated In My Life." While we can't comment on the reviewer's erstwhile lovers and their resemblance to the novel's protagonist, we can say that his or her assessment of the novel is spot-on!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter The Dragon

We're excited to tell you that Publishers Weekly recently featured DRAGON CHICA by May-lee Chai in their roundup of fall's Indie Sleepers!

Gemma Media will publish the book next month, and to celebrate, they're throwing a heck of a launch party in San Francisco. Head to Books, Inc. on Wednesday, October 13th, at 7p.m. for a reading by May-lee and a performance by the fabulous Cambodian pop band The Like Me's!

You can also see May-lee on Saturday, October 23rd, at the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association's Authors Feast and Trade Show in L.A., at Eastwind Books of Berkeley on Saturday, November 13th, at 3p.m., and at the Tattered Cover in Denver on Thursday, November 18th, at 7:30p.m.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thrilling Interview With Doug Magee

International Thriller Writers recently interviewed Doug Magee. Click here to learn what inspired him to write NEVER WAVE GOODBYE and what his next novel will be about!